Your First API Call

Let's take a quick example.

You've initiated a request to get your account details from your application.

You'll call the Opening and Closing Account Balance API and pass the account number (account) in the payload, as well as the Bearer token and signature in the Authorization Header of your request.

POST /account/ HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer 67ew8n31me
signature: KCfrIYXSQdGPsKdu6yOxkNLmnUKOpT3M89K2p/pfCJRkrvKH9jD5ot/7BHuIYaicFi+CONYB4oiM5bWA8hUpUahmHBRf06LHXKWLEz3CYme+UhJ4W0EozhiMcj94og8QW/Rnnp3F9asBtU1498Y4qnNasW5BtWLR5ZvhRFrn0/kKH2CgopRctKOMBIDD55AzxqlkDdBhT1zsAbVIU9Rk55FXJxEjgw7+A505wqcfStybaZLaEeRxi2n5AZ9B0GcDZQ4G98IVael/M92JrxdZmmfe9xC/9fCANU+g0oQkuv9iwQ+bd0DVx1J5zjmNOI21eJApY2LifKBAyRH/az7AFg==

   "customer_code": "129392",
   "account": "2018709"

You're ready to use any of the other APIs. All you need to do is pass the parameters of the endpoint and authorize your request by passing your Bearer token in the Authorization Header plus signature, where required.