Request Parameters.

Below are the parameters required to integrate. You will pass them to the process url provided which will redirect to the Checkout page. After successful payment or failure you will be redirected to the callback url provided in the request.

Parameter Data Type Description Channel
live numeric LIVE or DEMO mode (1 or 0). “1” By Default (live) Y
oref alphanumeric Order ID character mask[A-Z][a-z][0-9] Y
curr string Currency Type (USD or KES) * KES By Default Y
amt numeric Total amount (DO NOT PASS any commas as a thousands separator). e.g. amt=1234 and NOT amt=1,234 Y
cn string Customer Telephone name Y
tel alphanumeric Customer Telephone number Y
eml alphanumeric Customer Email Address Y
cc numeric Business code assigned by Pokea Pay Y
cb alphanumeric This parameter holds the value of the URL on your server to which Pokea Pay will redirect your customers back to your website. Y
logo alphanumeric Your business logo url N
hsh alphanumeric The computed Pokea Pay Hash Code Y